We are so glad you found us!

Our names are Erica and Christina, and we are the owners of Wren Bridal. Though there is a lot we could tell you about ourselves individually, we think the true heart of our story has to do with knowing us, our values, our passions, and what we love, together. Both inexplicably and unapologetically moved by meaning, significance and with a love of contributing to the creation of both, we dreamt about a way in which we could bring such things to those around us. It is through Wren Bridal that this dream has come alive.

Buying a wedding dress should be a tailor-made, thoughtful experience; we want to cater to brides and women who value individuality, sentimentality and intimacy; the very tenets we value ourselves. As Wren Bridal embodies this tone and sentiment, our hope is that your experience and story are complemented by these intentions and additionally bring you nothing less than joy, beauty, and significance.

There is so much more for us to share with you and we look forward to doing so through our blog and by having you in at Wren, please come visit us! We want you to get to know our story, but even more so, we can’t wait to get to know you and yours.

Erica + Christina


In Partnership with Joy Thigpen

Known for her carefully curated style and keen aesthetic eye, we are proud to have partnered with Joy Thigpen on the design of our flagship boutique. “Wren will be a fresh and modern version of a bridal shop that is above all, welcoming and comfortable.”