May We Always Be Looking to See the Silver Lining by Wren Bridal

So much of our lives on this earth we attribute to being within our control - and the truth is - so much is. How we choose to dress, the places we choose to live, who we choose to be with, how we choose to treat others - the list goes on and on. These are the conscious choices we make that support the notion that we are the playmakers of our own lives. But what about those times in which plays are called for us? Times in which forces greater than ourselves intervene- for better or for worse - that change our plans - job transfers, untimely set backs, having it rain on the day of your is full of these moments and it is in these times even more than those mentioned previously, that I would argue, ironically, we are more in control than ever. It is in these more difficult, complicated, complex circumstances that we show our true selves, and decide to truly be who we are. 

May we always choose to see the silver linings in our lives, and when we can't, may we know we have the power to create them for ourselves. 


Erica & Christina 

No Rain, No Flowers by Wren Bridal

Though change and growth are fundamental parts of life, it does seem that their effects often feel stronger and more pervasive during some phases as opposed to others.

For brides, grooms, and their families, change is abounding -- and even though it is an incredibly positive change -- such change can have effects that become entangled within us spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally.

As we reflect this Spring on the beauty and discomfort that so often embody and represent growth, change, and transformation, we thought we would share a favorite passage that has on more than one occasion given us both meaning and strength. 

Embracing the rain and welcoming all flowers

Erica & Christina 

Hat Ladies by Wren Bridal

This Wednesday is International Women's Day and so we thought we would dedicate our post to honoring women and the vast, all encompassing roles they play -- their "hats", if you will. Many of these "hats" are visible; some are put on daily; others only come out for special occasions; several never come off; some are worn at the same time as others; and many of them go unnoticed or can be invisible to the untrained eye. 

The thing about women's "hats" are that they all look different, even if they go by the same name. Christina and I often talk about the importance of balance in our lives, and through our discussions, we have noticed the older we've gotten, the more hats we've added to our collections and honestly, the more we feel we wear many simultaneously- one on top of the other - all in a beautiful combination that speaks on behalf of those we love, the relationships we cherish, the values that we hold, the interests we pursue, and, just as relevant, the weight that we carry in its many forms whether they be personal insecurities, struggles, or other hardships. Similarly,  we've watched the collections of our dearest family and friends grow as well, and in doing so, found solidarity and inspiration. 

There is tremendous significance and beauty in the day of recognition that will occur later this week, though we hope as we celebrate them this Wednesday, we remember to fully reflect on and appreciate the many hats of the women in our lives, as well as those that came before us, and that we continuously acknowledge their strength, heart, and inspiration throughout the entire year. 

Tipping our hats to all the women in our lives - we see you and we thank you, 

Erica & Christina


Signs, Symbols & Rituals by Wren Bridal

Last Thursday, February 2nd, on the day known as Groundhog day, Punxsutawney Phil - the infamous weather predicting marmot of the Mid Atlantic (who knew there were several weather predicting Groundhogs across the country!) - saw his shadow, and by doing so, predicted six more weeks of winter, in contrast to the coming of an early Spring. 

For the many cold-weather, winter lovers out there, this was great news, for the rest of us looking forward to green trees and long days, Phil's shadow was not quite what we were hoping for. 

But who is to say Punxsutawney Phil is right? Well, for starters, not many weather- predictors. In fact, they say Phil has been wrong many more times than he has been right! So why is there still attention given to this day and to this "sign"?

Perhaps it is because it is a tradition- one that began 130 years ago - and one that connects us to those that came before us. Perhaps its because it gives us something to look forward to, breaking up the winter months, acting as a beacon of anticipation and hope for the coming year. Maybe it sparks a conversation that breaks up the monotony of our daily occurrences. Or maybe it is simply all of these things combined, a lighthearted ritual that serves many purposes. 

The amazing thing (and important thing) about "signs" (and even "symbols" and "rituals") is that both the strength and meaning of them is dictated by those who read and who choose to see the value and significance in them. In fact, the act of marriage is a commitment often represented by ritual, signs, and symbols - from the vows exchanged, to the clothes and the rings worn by each partner. There is great meaning and power in these things - for those who believe there is. 

Signs, symbols and rituals are important, for they often connect us to things, others, and ourselves, in a way that exceeds our tangible and physical reality. While some are more important than others (sorry Phil!), we hope those that act as a force of positivity and good in this world, no matter how big or how small, always carry the most strength. 

Still patiently waiting for Spring,   

Erica & Christina 

Resolutions by Wren Bridal

The start of the new year is often characterized by "resolutions", a word that can mean two things depending on its context and use. 

The first "resolution" (and the one most often associated with this time of year) is the commitment made by many to either do or not do something with the intention of bettering themselves, their lives, others, and so on. Examples of this type of resolution might be to live a healthier lifestyle, to spend more time with loved ones, or to pursue one's passions, etc. 

The second "resolution" (less discussed in the month of January) is that of finding peace and settling that which was previously unsettled; these resolutions are related to the first (and can in fact overlap), but do hold an important distinction. This second kind of resolution requires resolve, and though often supported by one's actions, this "resolution" only truly occurs through the change of a mindset that though difficult to achieve (and often the residue of time and maturity), carries a stability often absent in the first kind of resolution. 

For us, the new year came in the blink of an eye and truly spoke to us of this second type of resolution; for like anything done for the second time, 2017 brings with it a better feeling of certainty, knowing, peace, and gratitude. 

Wishing success in all resolutions, and a wonderful New Year to all! 


Erica & Christina

Year One. by Wren Bridal

Last Thursday marked Wren's 1 year anniversary and rather than trying to put into words how grateful, inspired and blessed we have been by all those we have met and worked with in the last 365 days, we thought we would let some of the images we have received speak for themselves. Thank you to all those who shared their stories with us.

Happy Holidays! 

Erica & Christina

Small Details by Wren Bridal

Today we are thankful. 

One year ago this week, we posted our very first blog, and as a result of doing so, took the first step in sharing our story as well as our mission. We spoke about what we hoped Wren would become and shared our idea of Wren's foundation as well as how we planned to build it. A year later, we are still building we assure you, but our foundation has not only now been laid, it has been reinforced by the same people we thanked a year ago - our families, our friends, and by you - by our brides and their loved ones.

We often thank brides for giving us the opportunity to be a small part of their story - a pleasant memory they might tell one day when they are asked about their wedding gown as they browse through their beautiful photos and reflect on the time and events leading up to taking them. We want nothing less, but also nothing more, as we know we are only a small detail in an early chapter of the rest of their lives. 

As we reflected on this very notion and this past year, however, we realized that many of our brides may not recognize the significance they carry for us as an early part of Wren's chapter. We may have many more stories to tell and to be a part of, but this year will always carry a unique significance; their love, their families, and their stories will indefinitely be a part of our own. 

Next month as we come to the anniversary of Wren's Grand Opening, we plan to share images of some of our very first brides, and in doing so, our very first year. 

Today we are thankful. 


Erica & Christina 

Dress Up by Wren Bridal

There are so many things we do in childhood and adolescence (either organically, or through guided instruction) that better prepare us for who we are supposed to be in this world, how we are supposed to be, and that ultimately result in the (though never finished nor static) person we are in our adult form. From learning manners to discovering our personal values and beliefs, there is one milestone most often associated with youth that, though less obvious, bears significance -- dress up. 

But how significant can putting on "costumes" be? In short, very.  Not only do costumes tell stories, but the very act of "dress up" can communicate our likes, our dislikes, what we love, what makes us comfortable, what doesn't... it allows us the freedom to experiment with looks outside of ourselves (as well as others' reactions to them) without permanently claiming them-- we may choose looks that are silly, scary, daring or even refined--the possibilities are endless. With these trials, we not only access the power of our imagination, but are able to pinpoint and chronicle a time in our lives based on such choice. From princesses to professional soccer players, from superheroes to animals and even inanimate objects, each "costume" tells of a point in our lives that I would be willing to guess could give many a clue to who we were at the time we chose to wear them. 

Pictured below are Esmerelda and a Genie, images that tell the respective stories of the girl who admired both the simultaneous kindness, yet toughness of a gypsy, and the girl who even early on, not only whole heartedly believed in magic, but believed in creating it herself. 

Many brides come to Wren unsure of what they want to wear on their wedding day--they aren't playing "dress up" anymore, but they still want to tell their story... to capture who they are now as well as have everything that their dress signifies and who they were hold true when they look back at it years from now. But here's the thing, no matter what we wear, costume or otherwise, those who know and love us know our story and can recognize us, our hearts, and our souls, regardless. 


Erica & Christina