How Wren Came to Be: Part 1 / by Wren Bridal

For our first blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves as well as Wren and how it came to be, though after some time, you might begin to see separating the two isn’t as easy as it would appear. Our names are Erica McMahon and Christina Keane, we are the owners of Wren. We have both been somewhat orbiting around the wedding industry for a few years now, and in many ways, Wren is the accumulation of hour-long talks, dreams, hopes, friendship, and significance.

More than just a bridal store, Christina and I want to give women, their friends, and their families an experience, the kind you dream of, the kind you see in films, and the kind that epitomizes change and meaning. We both have always been motivated and energized by contributing to the joy in others, making moments and individuals feel special and memorable. In life, there seem to be these very moments that stand out from all the rest; pieces in time that are significant for the way we felt, those that surrounded us, or the way we are in some ways forever changed; choosing your wedding dress should be one of these moments.

There are so many people for who we want to thank for their support as we begin this amazing adventure: our parents, our siblings, our friends, our team of incredible business professionals and vendors that helped to make things truly happen, and you. Wren carries much meaning as a store and as a place, in our next blog, we reveal how Wren carries meaning as a name.

Erica & Christina