How Wren Came To Be: Part 2 / by Wren Bridal

In the last blog post, we introduced Wren as a business and a concept and though many love to hear about how Wren came to be in this regard, we have found that more often than not, the real interest pertains to our name.

There are many exciting parts about beginning a business, and one of the first that often comes to mind, as it did for us, is that of choosing a name. As owners, Christina and I had an extremely lucid picture of what we were creating in tone, feel, atmosphere, experience, and operations. Substantially hazier, however, was the brand we wanted to represent this business and all that we were as owners. We wanted something simplistic, meaningful, clean, feminine and classic and though we struggled initially, one day we serendipitously stumbled upon “Wren”.

At first glance, we loved “Wren” for its short but confidant feel, as well as its silent and strong “W”, a letter often associated with the industry through words like “wedding” “white” and “wife”. Knowing little more about the word itself, we didn’t yet know how significant “Wren” would become.

“Wren”, though sometimes used as a classically feminine yet understated girl’s name, is more primarily associated with a brown-haired, brown-eyed songbird representative of creativity, change, and community. Wrens are one of only a handful of birds that intentionally build their nests around human beings (on roofs, in backyards, etc.) because the sounds we make, often very different than what they hear in nature alone, contribute to the pitch, range, and notes they make in their songs. Wrens surround themselves with those that make them better and contribute to their song, much the same way that a bride on her wedding day is physically surrounded by her bridesmaids as well as her family and those that have played the biggest part in her life’s story.

Wren is our name and our brand, and within it, it carries meaning and connection that is multifaceted and in many ways self-assigned. We are and will always be happy to share how “Wren” as a name came to be, for not only are we proud of it, we are proud of what it represents, however, we are just as happy to give you the freedom to assign your own meaning—to create your own story with us as well as for yourself.

In truth, we knew the characteristics of Wren long before we knew its name because they are the things truest to our mission and to us. On our next blog, we discuss this very mission and just how we hope to be “A Tailor-Made Experience for the Thoughtful Bride”.


Erica & Christina