'Tis the Season! / by Wren Bridal

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just four days away and once again that one of the busiest and biggest seasons of the year is on its way to having come and gone. As the holiday fast approaches we can’t help but think of all the gift giving that will occur in the next few days and weeks, not to mention the many exchanges that have already begun. There will be many presents wrapped, loved ones’ hugged, and one of our favorites, many knees bent with hands that hold a small little box as four little words with a question mark following them are met with joyous tears, head nods, and lives’ changed with a single word, “yes”. 

Image by Laura Gordon; Ring by Anna Sheffield

Image by Laura Gordon; Ring by Anna Sheffield

The magic of this season of course is more than the physical presents we receive and instead often has to do with the intangibles—those around us and the presence of those we love most, whether near or far, in this world and the next. 

We have gotten so lucky this year as we have received so many of our gifts early through this new adventure of ours—surrounded, loved, believed in and supported by those we hold most dear. What we couldn’t imagine and know was the joy and gifts we would receive through meeting so many wonderful people, getting to know brides and their families, and having the pleasure of hearing their stories. 

So if you happen to get engaged this holiday season, we hope one of your greatest gifts turns into one of ours and that we get to meet you in the new year! 

Happy Holidays! 

Erica & Christina