Our Design Process: Working with Joy Thigpen & Julie DeWalt / by Wren Bridal

Happy New Year!

With the beginning of 2016 comes a fresh and new start; change is often characterized by new goals as well as the reminiscing of old ones and as we think of all that is to come this year, we can’t help thinking about Wren’s very first steps, taken just a bit less than a year ago.

There is something about the beginning of creation that can be intimidating. Like a writer attempting to put the first words on a page, or an artist putting the first mark on a blank canvas, the start of actively initiating a project, in our case that of our brand as well as our physical space, was daunting for a couple of different reasons.

Image by Victoria Selman; Florals by Kruse & Vieira Events

Image by Victoria Selman; Florals by Kruse & Vieira Events

Creating something from nothing, regardless of what it might be, is invigorating, nerve-wracking, but also, as we came to find out, incredibly empowering. As we’ve talked about before, the difficulty we had in our design process was complex as we truly were creating something from nothing, but only in a physical sense; we had a vision in our heads that we were very sure of, yet one that we needed help in portraying.

One of the very first and most important things we have come to discover is the power of community in this industry; the power of shared learning, of shared strengths, and of shared success. We have been so blessed to early on meet and work with people that have been unbelievable and irreplaceable members of our team.

Of late, we have specifically been thinking of how blessed we both were, and are, to have worked with Joy Thigpen, Creative Director and Stylist, on the design of our physical store space; and Julie DeWalt, Brand/Artistic Designer and owner of Gather Co., on the design of our brand and website.

There may not be enough words to explain what Julie and Joy brought to Wren or perhaps even more accurately, to us. Confidence, creativity, understanding, joy, friendship, and support only scratch the surface on the list of their contributions.  

During our days we get asked a lot of questions, "Do you have a favorite designer?", "Do you try on the dresses?", "Do you have any advice for planning a wedding?" While we haven't experienced planning our own weddings yet, we often tell people one thing we do know, surround yourself with great people and those you love and it will all come together beautifully. 

It’s said that in every end is a new beginning. 2015 may have ended but all that was created in it carries into this new year and as far as beginnings go, though just four days in, 2016 is looking like it'll be one for the books! 


Erica & Christina