A Tailor-Made Experience for the Thoughtful Bride / by Wren Bridal

Women often categorize and characterize themselves in various ways, according to many differing standards, and often dependent on a vast amount of ever-changing criteria. We see our own strengths and weaknesses, whether real or distorted, and measure them against others, our past selves, our future selves, and our ideal selves, just to name a few. Some of this force is externally pressed, some, internally so; additionally, some of this evaluation is healthy, other times, it takes away from us being our best selves.

We mention these veracities because before Wren was a place, and certainly before it had a name, Wren was a concept that very early on was created to seek only one similarity in women, to value only one commonality, and in doing so, celebrate all other differences and individualities.

Wren is a place for women who look for meaning in things, who crave special moments, and who value significance. We want the Wren experience to be a memory that lives on in association with your wedding day, a story you will tell to loved ones, and a place in which you felt special, significant and catered to. If you are a thoughtful bride looking to have an experience that is so much more than purchasing a dress, we have been thinking of you for some time and truly can’t wait to meet you. 


Erica & Christina