Romance, Magic, and an Extra Day to Celebrate / by Wren Bridal

Today is February 1st and though without any official designation, many would argue that February as a month has an aura of romance, for because it contains Valentine's day, it is often regarded the month of love. 

There may be some people (though not many in this industry!) who don't care for Valentine's day, but what if, aside from all else, we thought of February 14th as another day to celebrate the ones we love, either romantically or not? A day that simply reminds us to add a bit of magic to our lives and our relationships, platonic or otherwise? It's hard to have too many of those kinds of days.

Background Image by Laura Gordon

Background Image by Laura Gordon

Being in the wedding industry, we are surrounded by the notion of romance: we get to hear of people’s proposals, first dates, real life “meet cutes”, and love stories – truth be told, we get to witness the everyday-is-Valentine’s-day kind of magic on a regular basis because we so often meet individuals for the first time as they enter a pivotal point in their lives and relationships – the point at which they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives with someone and a point that is unique in itself as it intersects and bridges the beautiful and often fast-moving time between “I will” and “I do”.

The time of engagement is magical because it is the start of something new – even for couples that have been together for years, decades even, there is a magic and spark returned to them. A new part of their story has begun and for many, this part of their overall life's story is all the more enchanted because it is one that began as an idea or dream so long before coming to fruition.

The first stories girls often hear are fairytales – stories that suspend reality, that inspire hope, and that urge belief.

Most days aren’t fairytales – we get stuck in traffic, we burn our lips as we too eagerly sip our coffee, and we fall into routines that sometimes feel as though they have absolutely nothing magical about them. But what if all we have to do to remind ourselves and believe again is to carve out the time to celebrate magic, to create magic, to make magic? That’s what we hope to do at Wren.

We hope you celebrate love, romance and magic this February, in all its forms, and for all 29 days!


Erica & Christina