Dress Up / by Wren Bridal

There are so many things we do in childhood and adolescence (either organically, or through guided instruction) that better prepare us for who we are supposed to be in this world, how we are supposed to be, and that ultimately result in the (though never finished nor static) person we are in our adult form. From learning manners to discovering our personal values and beliefs, there is one milestone most often associated with youth that, though less obvious, bears significance -- dress up. 

But how significant can putting on "costumes" be? In short, very.  Not only do costumes tell stories, but the very act of "dress up" can communicate our likes, our dislikes, what we love, what makes us comfortable, what doesn't... it allows us the freedom to experiment with looks outside of ourselves (as well as others' reactions to them) without permanently claiming them-- we may choose looks that are silly, scary, daring or even refined--the possibilities are endless. With these trials, we not only access the power of our imagination, but are able to pinpoint and chronicle a time in our lives based on such choice. From princesses to professional soccer players, from superheroes to animals and even inanimate objects, each "costume" tells of a point in our lives that I would be willing to guess could give many a clue to who we were at the time we chose to wear them. 

Pictured below are Esmerelda and a Genie, images that tell the respective stories of the girl who admired both the simultaneous kindness, yet toughness of a gypsy, and the girl who even early on, not only whole heartedly believed in magic, but believed in creating it herself. 

Many brides come to Wren unsure of what they want to wear on their wedding day--they aren't playing "dress up" anymore, but they still want to tell their story... to capture who they are now as well as have everything that their dress signifies and who they were hold true when they look back at it years from now. But here's the thing, no matter what we wear, costume or otherwise, those who know and love us know our story and can recognize us, our hearts, and our souls, regardless. 


Erica & Christina