Small Details / by Wren Bridal

Today we are thankful. 

One year ago this week, we posted our very first blog, and as a result of doing so, took the first step in sharing our story as well as our mission. We spoke about what we hoped Wren would become and shared our idea of Wren's foundation as well as how we planned to build it. A year later, we are still building we assure you, but our foundation has not only now been laid, it has been reinforced by the same people we thanked a year ago - our families, our friends, and by you - by our brides and their loved ones.

We often thank brides for giving us the opportunity to be a small part of their story - a pleasant memory they might tell one day when they are asked about their wedding gown as they browse through their beautiful photos and reflect on the time and events leading up to taking them. We want nothing less, but also nothing more, as we know we are only a small detail in an early chapter of the rest of their lives. 

As we reflected on this very notion and this past year, however, we realized that many of our brides may not recognize the significance they carry for us as an early part of Wren's chapter. We may have many more stories to tell and to be a part of, but this year will always carry a unique significance; their love, their families, and their stories will indefinitely be a part of our own. 

Next month as we come to the anniversary of Wren's Grand Opening, we plan to share images of some of our very first brides, and in doing so, our very first year. 

Today we are thankful. 


Erica & Christina