Resolutions / by Wren Bridal

The start of the new year is often characterized by "resolutions", a word that can mean two things depending on its context and use. 

The first "resolution" (and the one most often associated with this time of year) is the commitment made by many to either do or not do something with the intention of bettering themselves, their lives, others, and so on. Examples of this type of resolution might be to live a healthier lifestyle, to spend more time with loved ones, or to pursue one's passions, etc. 

The second "resolution" (less discussed in the month of January) is that of finding peace and settling that which was previously unsettled; these resolutions are related to the first (and can in fact overlap), but do hold an important distinction. This second kind of resolution requires resolve, and though often supported by one's actions, this "resolution" only truly occurs through the change of a mindset that though difficult to achieve (and often the residue of time and maturity), carries a stability often absent in the first kind of resolution. 

For us, the new year came in the blink of an eye and truly spoke to us of this second type of resolution; for like anything done for the second time, 2017 brings with it a better feeling of certainty, knowing, peace, and gratitude. 

Wishing success in all resolutions, and a wonderful New Year to all! 


Erica & Christina