March Inspiration / by Wren Bridal

Though most of the month resides in Winter, there is something about March that prematurely tricks our minds, that brings hope, and that screams Spring. There is a light at the end of the tunnel--an optimism with significance that can't be overemphasized. 

In just a few weeks, the Spring equinox will occur and with it, the sun will rise earlier and set later, winds will soften, and warmer weather will be upon us. Change, growth, and inspiration, though year-round phenomenons, seem particularly visible this time of year. 

Christina and I feel blessed to be so constantly inspired -- by our families, by our friends, by books, by pictures, by nature, by stories, by poetry, and by each other. In honor of such growth and inspiration this Spring, we thought we would share one of our current sources of inspiration, a  favorite poem of ours that, in line with so much of what we strive for at Wren, carries both meaning and significance. 


Erica & Christina