April Showers / by Wren Bridal

There are some associations we make unconsciously, pairings that have, in one way or another become automatic processes, tied to one another, for better or for worse (pun intended!). 

When we think Peanut Butter, we think Jelly; when we think Bonnie, we think Clyde; when we think Yin, we think Yang; and when we think April, we think Showers. If we are lucky enough in life, those that we are personally associated with are positively representative of us--something or someone that completes, complements, or strengthens us individually.

For the month of April, the association is more of a descriptive term than anything else, and though not necessarily positive, the pairing seems more negative when followed by its binary "May Flowers". In this sense, April seems to be something to move through quickly, to escape, or to forestall. But what about rain fall (or even just the possibility or likelihood of it) causes us to feel this way? 

Christina and I are big believers in the power of energy and the effect it has on people. Similar to positive energy, anxious energy, negative energy, and so on, environmental energy similarly contributes to our thoughts, emotions, actions and ultimately, our "selves". When rain threatens to fall, there are even more associations occurring than meet the eye--perhaps we think of tears and sadness, perhaps we become nostalgic for lazier days, or perhaps we just don't like the logistical complications that arise when and if it comes. 

On December 1st, Wren had its Grand Opening event, and, as anyone who was there or has seen pictures knows, in the morning it rained, in the afternoon it poured, and by evening--no one even noticed. When we reflected on the event and its success, we thought it might be attributable to the age-old adage that if it rains on your wedding day it is good luck- did opening a bridal store somehow qualify us in this department? Though we still aren't convinced otherwise, we credit more of our success to what we have learned in life and what has been reinforced by the people we have met in the last few months. Your environment matters, but energy matters more. 

Image by Victoria Selman

Image by Victoria Selman

If on this journey so far we have one piece of advice to brides coming to Wren, it would be to think about the energy you want with you when you choose your wedding dress. Is it silly energy to put you at ease? Is it is sentimental energy to reflect the step being taken? Is it quiet energy to help you hear your own voice? Only you know the answers to these questions and such answers are often reflected in those who love and know you the most.  

If this April does bring us showers, we hope to remember the power we have over the energy we take in addition to that which we give out, as well as remember the luck, and the promise of growth, we know such rain can bring! 


Erica & Christina