Coming Full Circle / by Wren Bridal

As the first of our bride's wedding gowns have started to come in, we are seeing (for the first time) what we refer to as the completion of a "cycle". We have talked about how much we love meeting brides and their families as they purchase their gowns, but as they walk away from Wren with them in hand, their weddings and the steps they are taking in life become ever more real- both for us and for them. 

For many of these brides, this encounter marks the start of some of the last steps (and weeks) leading up to their big day. For us, however, we begin the joyful waiting period in which the very day described to us months before becomes real, and if we are lucky enough, wait to be sent the images that have captured it. 

Image by Laura Gordon

Image by Laura Gordon

So much of this cycle reminds us of the journey of life and the idiosyncrasies of time and relationships. We may not always be along for the whole ride, but can appreciate the impact had along the way. 

This week, the very first Wren brides are saying "I do" and a whole new cycle of their life will begin.

This month's blog is dedicated to all of our current Wren brides, as well as the many we will continue to meet, who have allowed us to be a part of their story and who will forever be a part of ours. 


Erica & Christina