Happy 4th of July! / by Wren Bridal

Happy Fourth of July! 

When we realized July's blog post would fall on the fourth of the month, we saw an opportunity to talk about something near and dear to not only our hearts and beliefs, but our business as well. 

Amidst the beach trips, cookouts, and red, white and blue attire, today's celebrations represent America's independence and the freedom and privilege we have because of it. But what else does independence represent? Particularly on a day-to-day level? As any parent of a toddler, and even further, any parent of a teenager will tell you, independence most often represents (or perhaps signifies) growth, change, and adjustment- on the part of all those involved. So if much of independence is healthy and perhaps even necessary, is interdependence not? 

Let us first back up to talk about why and how these thoughts and questions came to mind and why we find them so significant. 

First I think its important to clarify the distinction, or perhaps continuum, on which individuals move from dependence to independence to interdependence. In this sense, interdependence is the highest state of maturity, for when this stage is reached, we not only know that we can survive on our own (as we outgrow dependence), we in fact have (independence), and only then can we choose to belong to something or someone greater than ourselves (interdependence). 

Image by  Erich McVey

Image by Erich McVey

More than almost any other industry, when we meet our clients, including the brides as well as their families,we meet them at a time in which a lot of change is occurring and oftentimes, when even more change is on the horizon. 

Marriage (along with many other things), is two people literally creating a family unit independent of those from which they previously came, and what an amazing and exciting time that is; as is, however, the interdependence those two individuals then establish as they fine tune their unit, perhaps expanding it, and integrating it into those previously designated. This latter concept, so often negatively connoted, in a different light provides us with someone we can rely on, someone with whom challenges and growth seem less daunting, and someone who we exist with together in a way more intimate and meaningful than we could independently.  

But this balancing act doesn't apply solely to romantic relationships and marriage- but also plays a role in friendship, family, community, and business. 

As business partners, Christina and I maintain our roles both independently and interdependently-- we have complementary responsibilities but also often take on much of what we do together. Six months into this amazing journey, we have never felt more appreciative of each other and the way we prioritize such balance--something that most things in life require. 

Put simply, when reflecting on "Independence day" we wanted to inspire others to be grateful (as we are) for those that fought for our independence more than 200 years ago, as well as for those with whom we independently and interdependently coexist today--those people that ultimately make our lives as fruitful as they are, and who help to keep our balance.


Erica & Christina