A Favorite Story / by Wren Bridal

There is something about the power of a story or a tale, whether based in truth or in fantasy, that connects us--to history, to meaning, to undiscovered parts of ourselves, to others.. Some people feel the magic of stories most in books, some feel it in films, others in images, and so on. 

One of my favorite stories is an ancient one founded in Greek mythology that tells of how humans were created, how we came to exist as we do today, and that highlights the true strength of love. 

This story tells of a time when human beings looked different than we do now, as each was comprised of two faces, four arms, and four legs. Humans were powerful creatures- not only physically, but mentally skilled and emotionally balanced. Fearing the threat of their power, Zeus decided he must get rid of them. Having grown accustomed to their role in the world, however, the other gods were concerned, "Who will tend our altars?", they asked, "Who will continue their work?" In the name of compromise, Zeus devised a plan in which both he and the other gods would be appeased. 

Late one night, Zeus put all of the humans in a long and deep sleep, dividing each person in two, scattering them around the world. He reasoned that in this way, there would be twice as many humans to worship the gods and tend to their work, but that forever divided and searching for their other halves, the humans no longer had the power they previously did, and therefore, were no longer a threat. And so our human form was solidified. 

Little did Zeus know, however, that many humans would indeed find their other half--that they would find the partner that completes them, and in doing so, find belonging, strength, and so much more.

If you are one of these lucky ones, we hope you never forget the power your love has -- a love that is strong enough to contest with the gods.

Feeling extra grateful for our other halves this week, Christopher and Matthew, thank you for helping us to feel the truth of one of our favorite stories. 

Erica & Christina