Hat Ladies / by Wren Bridal

This Wednesday is International Women's Day and so we thought we would dedicate our post to honoring women and the vast, all encompassing roles they play -- their "hats", if you will. Many of these "hats" are visible; some are put on daily; others only come out for special occasions; several never come off; some are worn at the same time as others; and many of them go unnoticed or can be invisible to the untrained eye. 

The thing about women's "hats" are that they all look different, even if they go by the same name. Christina and I often talk about the importance of balance in our lives, and through our discussions, we have noticed the older we've gotten, the more hats we've added to our collections and honestly, the more we feel we wear many simultaneously- one on top of the other - all in a beautiful combination that speaks on behalf of those we love, the relationships we cherish, the values that we hold, the interests we pursue, and, just as relevant, the weight that we carry in its many forms whether they be personal insecurities, struggles, or other hardships. Similarly,  we've watched the collections of our dearest family and friends grow as well, and in doing so, found solidarity and inspiration. 

There is tremendous significance and beauty in the day of recognition that will occur later this week, though we hope as we celebrate them this Wednesday, we remember to fully reflect on and appreciate the many hats of the women in our lives, as well as those that came before us, and that we continuously acknowledge their strength, heart, and inspiration throughout the entire year. 

Tipping our hats to all the women in our lives - we see you and we thank you, 

Erica & Christina