May We Always Be Looking to See the Silver Lining / by Wren Bridal

So much of our lives on this earth we attribute to being within our control - and the truth is - so much is. How we choose to dress, the places we choose to live, who we choose to be with, how we choose to treat others - the list goes on and on. These are the conscious choices we make that support the notion that we are the playmakers of our own lives. But what about those times in which plays are called for us? Times in which forces greater than ourselves intervene- for better or for worse - that change our plans - job transfers, untimely set backs, having it rain on the day of your is full of these moments and it is in these times even more than those mentioned previously, that I would argue, ironically, we are more in control than ever. It is in these more difficult, complicated, complex circumstances that we show our true selves, and decide to truly be who we are. 

May we always choose to see the silver linings in our lives, and when we can't, may we know we have the power to create them for ourselves. 


Erica & Christina