how do i go about setting up an appointment?

There are multiple ways! Give us a call in the store, use our message / contact form on our website, send us an email directly, or come visit us in person at the store!


All bridal appointments are an hour and a half, where as bridesmaid appointments are one hour! Appointments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, and because of the individualized nature of our appointments, appointment variability and availability changes weekend to weekend. Feel free to give us a call to make an appointment, or use any of the platforms for doing so mentioned above! 

what makes the wren experience different from that of other bridal stores?

As a way to try to ensure individualized attention and privacy, Wren only hosts one appointment at a time in our gathering space. This was a decision we made early on as a way to give our brides, their families and their loved ones the attention and experience they deserve and dream of. We believe your wedding day and all of the events leading up to it should be days filled with meaning and significance, and that when you look back at your experience at Wren, it is nothing short of such.

do you take appointments during the week?

Yes! During the week we are open Tuesday- Friday from 11am- 7pm and in addition to allowing walk-ins to browse our dresses, private appointments can be scheduled for you and your loved ones in our gathering room!